Commitment to Quality

Canyon Large Animal Clinic provides high quality medicine both in the field and at our on site clinic. We are dedicated to our patients and their owners by tailoring our services to fit their needs. As your partner in your horses healthcare, we listen and ensure that we address any and all concerns you may have as an owner. 

As a client you have the option of hauling in or dropping off for any of our services. With the availability of our on site clinic we remove the stress and hassel of owners and trainers having to watch fluids or change daily bandages. We also offer in house foaling which you can read more about below. 

While the majority of our patients are horses, we can also provide care for any of your other barnyard animals including llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and pigs. 


Preventative Healthcare and Travel


As they say, prevention is the best medicine. We provide a comprehensive physical exam, work with you to create proper vaccination and deworming schedules, and advise on the ideal nutrition, hoof care, and exercise for your horse. 

We also provide inter-state and international travel health certificates, passports, and Coggins Tests for our traveling and performance horses.

Sports Medicine and Lameness


Lameness and poor performance can arise from any number of causes. We look at the whole horse to investigate the underlying cause. While some reasons are obvious, others may be more difficult to identify and need a diagnostic work up. We have state of the art equipment that we can bring right to your horse including digital radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy. We also work closely with referral practices and specialists to take your diagnostics further with bone scans and MRIs.
Working with specialists allows us to offer specialty treatments to help your horse heal using regenerative medicine including IRAP, PRP, and stem cell therapy. 

Additionally, we can perform accupuncture to help those tense performance horses loosen up. 

Internal Medicine


When you notice slight changes in your horses behavior or appetite there could be more going on under the surface. We work to understand your horse and help you manage or resolve their problems. Common conditions we see include - metabolic imbalances, chronic colic/digestive disorders, gastric ulcers, laminitis/founder, infectious disease, eyes/corneal ulcers, liver and kidney functioning. 



We are there with you from beginning. From cycle and follicle checks, AI, pregnancy checks and pre-natal care we ensure your mare is ready to deliver a healthy foal. With in house foaling available at our clinic we take the stress of foaling off your hands with supurb neonatal care. 



Our state of the art dentistry techniques are tailored to each individual horses needs. Whether you are searching for harmony at the bit or maintaining the health of a pasture pet, we strive to provide superior and low stress dentistry to all of our patients.



We understand that purcharsing a horse is a big investment. Our pre-purchase exams are all inclusive- comprehensive physical exam, neurologic exam, flexion tests, radiographs, bloodwork, etc. Our goal is to best advise you, taking into account your needs as a horse owner and the needs of the horse.

Emergency Service


Reliable, Consistent Care

Our emergency services guarantee that your horses needs are met 24/7, rain or shine.

Whether it be colicking, a laceration, or an acute lameness, you name it, we are there to help you and your horse.

 Our doctors work cooperatively to provide quality care by communicating with your horses primary care veterinarian the next morning.  This gold standard of care puts you and your horse first.

Platinum Performance


Veterinarian Recommended

Nutrition is a key piece to your horses health. We know that creating a well rounded synergistic health care approach to your horses routine makes a difference not only in their health, but also in their mood and performance.

We have been using and reccomending Platinum Performance products to our clients for years. Platinum products are quality tested here in the United States and backed by scientific research. We have seen many horses thrive on these products and truly believe they make a difference.

Variety of Products

Platinum Performance makes a variety of products for every type of horse! 

They have a standard Wellness formula that helps to support every aspect of your horses needs from joints, muscles, hooves, and digestion. 

They also make formulas you can add into the daily mix including skin and allergy formulas, gastric support, and hoof support, to name a few!

How to get started

If you are interested in starting your horse on Platinum Performance or would like to know more about specific formulas ask us at your next appointment or give us a call in the office! 

We make it easy by placing the order for you and having it shipped directly to you!